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Frequently Asked Questions (Cars)

Q: Can a person at the age of 16 years old learn to drive ?
A: Yes if the person is getting Disability Living Allowance (mobility component) at a higher rate but in all other cases the person has to be 17 years old.

Q: Can a person start to learn to drive before he has passed the theory test ?
A: Yes

Q: What does a person need to start to learn to drive ?
A: He /She need a valid UK provisional licence

Q: How do I get a UK provisional licence if I am a resident of this country ?
A: You would need to complete a D1 form. As proof of identity a valid UK passport. Both the D1 form and the passport needs to sent to DVLA Swansea SA99 1AD further information can be obtained from a DVLA booklet INF1D

Q: Where do I get the D1 form for the DVLA booklet 1NFID?
A: They are available from your local post office, direct from the DVLA office, from our office or other major driving organisation.

Q: Is my instructor a qualified instructor ?
A: All qualified instructors have to have a Driving Standards Agency DSA badge displayed in their car. No car instructor can charge money if he is not qualified by the DSA.

Q: Is my instructor fully qualified or a trainee instructor ?
A: Qualified instructors will have a green badge displayed in their car and a trainee will have pink badge displayed in their car.

Q: Is it best to be trained by a trainee instructor or qualified instructor ?
A: Trainee or fully qualified instructors have to pass stringent test before they are allowed to instruct and a trainee instructor will have a qualified instructor attached by the DSA should they require any help. We believe it does not matter as long as the pupil is happy with the instructor.

Q: Is there another way of finding out whether the instructor is qualified ?
A: Yes all instructors by law have to be registered with the DSA.

Q: How do I choose an instructor or a driving school ?
A: Our experience tells us a good method is word of mouth, internet, yellow pages, local papers and driving schools that you see on the road. Meet the instructor or driving school first, see what type of answers they give to your questions on charges and other learning matters. In our experience it does not matter about the size of organisation at all. There are very good individual instructors.

Q: How do I know I am ready for my test?
A: A good instructor will let you know when it's time.

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