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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Truck, Bus & Coaches

Q: How do I know which driving school to use for my training
A: The Best way is to go to a driving school office and see how organised they are and if you like their approach then book a 2 hour trial lesson. Also ask them which test centre that they use, if the test is local this means you are more then likely to be trained on the test centre routes.

Q: What type of vehicle should I be trained on
A: Driving Standards Agency (DSA) requires a vehicle with minimum specifications with additional features like mirrors for the instructor and the examiner. This ensures that you are trained on a modern vehicle which is in a good working condition and the vehicle which will be encountered in the industry. The vehicle which is below the minimum specification can not be used on DSA driving tests. Do not be impressed by a Driving School having large vehicles which are well above the minimum specfication of DSA because these vehicles are harder to learn on and difficult to pass the test on. Where it might take 20 hours to become test standard with a minimum specification vehicle it might take 30 hours to become test standard thus incuring more cost.

Q: Should the training vehicle be brand new?
A: Sometimes brand new vehicles are harder to drive because the controls such as the gears can be very tight and hard to use, where used vehicles the controls are well used and easy to use. Do not be impressed by driving schools having new vehicles - this is no reflection of the driving instructor being good at their job.

Q: Do the instructors have to be qualified with any special qualifications ?
A: A person needs to hold a LGV or PCV licence for minimum of 3 years before he can be an instructor. In 1997 the DSA brought in a voluntary register of LGV instructors. Good instructors have found that to be on the register is just an extra expense and have not continued with the scheme. The DSA has found that since the industry is very small they have left it to self regulate.

Q: Should I book my trial lesson over the telephone or the internet
A: It depends on whether you know the driving school or someone has used the driving school and they have recommended them to you.

Q: Should I book my course over over the telephone or the internet
A: We strongly recommend not to because on the internet they tend to be agency companies. Agency companies are not driving schools, they are just there to take your money and promise you that they will find work after you passed. They will approach a driving school like us to provide the training, taking their percentage of the money. As an organsiation, we have a policy not to deal with them because they promise people what they cannot provide. Also they do not care where the organsiation is in the country, say you are in London they may book your course in Manchester causing extra travelling costs and if you decide to stay in Manchester for the course then there will be lodging costs. If you do not succeed in passing on the first attempt you will have to travel back to Manchester.

Q: Should I use a local driving school or one which is cheap but in a different part of the country?
A: Again a course might be cheap in a different part of the country but you have to account for travelling and lodging costs. In addition, you have to consider if you do not succeed on the first attempt you are travelling again to the same destination so it could be much more expensive. Also the problem with using a driving school which is in a different part of the country, is that you might know nothing about them or the instructors. When starting your training you might not get along with the vehicle or the instructor and this could lead to you having a bad experience.

Q: How do I know which course to book or how many days of training is required
A: Do a 2 hours trial lesson and see for your self how you get along with vehicle and the instructor and ask for his opinion.

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