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Coach/Bus Training - Getting Started

Step 1
Get a vocational package from us. The package includes 2 forms : D2 provisional application & D4 medical form.

The medical can cost as little as 40.00 with our discount doctors. If you are over 21, tick provisional categories C1, C and D1, D.

Step 2
Obtain your theory test package from us. This will include a current DSA theory book, a theory test on CD and hazard perception CD.

Once the application is made you should start to study for the theory test. Usually it takes approximately 10 days to process your provisional application. By the time your provisional license is back, you will be ready to book your theory test. If you have difficulty in passing the theory test or the hazard perception test we will provide you with training.

Step 3
Once you have passed your theory contact us for your practical training. Check our prices for particular categories. Contact us to book your course.


It doesn't matter whether you are interested in other categories as they are all free of charge. In the future, you might want to learn other categories and you will be required to fill in further applications.

If you under 21, tick category C1 & D1.

Should you have difficulty filling in the application form D2 please visit us at the office or contact us.

Contact Dhoot Training

364 Uxbridge Road
Hayes Middlesex

General Enquiries & all Areas
Short Notice Test Service
Tel 0208 848 9998
or 07446 99 44 44

Cats. C, C+E, D, D1, B+E
07958 29 92 92

Car lesson Booking Areas

Southall, Hayes and Surrounding Area
Manual & Automatic
Tel 07446 994444
Tel 07956 439 144

Heathrow, Southall and Surrounding Areas
Tel 07446 994444
Tel 07947 899584

Hounslow, Hayes and Surrounding Areas
Manual & Automatic
Tel 07446 994444
Tel 07939 233 660

Car Lady Instructors
Tel 07852 417 413

Managing Director
Tel 07958 29 92 92


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