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Job Prospects

The transport industry is one of the biggest UK industries for employment and you could be earning up to 500 a week when you pass. There are a variety of different lorries that you can be driving. Anything from oil tankers to your local skip lorries. You could even be driving to Europe in a car transporter. If you go to your local job centre or go on the internet you will find that the first vacancies are always in driving, especially lorries. You have a choice to be driving locally or long distance, i.e. Scotland or to Europe, which means that you'll see a lot of countries and not be stuck in an office with a manager breathing down your neck. Driving can be 9am to 5pm or shift work. It depends on your choice and the company you work for. Once you have obtained the licenses, you can always move around companies until you find the company that you really like to be working for.

As a lorry driver, your starting wage would be minimum of 400. Again it depends what catergories of license you hold.

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